“Our experience has been most interesting. We originally placed six of these units under women in our production department on a trial basis. They were told nothing other ‘This is new standing device that we believe has merit and we want you to use them.’ They were left in those positions for about three weeks. One evening they were removed without any explanation. The removal almost created a riot with a demand that they be returned.
Being impressed with this kind of reaction, having never experienced it before with other types of mats, I was anxious to determine if there was any benefit in production increase, to justify a purchase. A time and efficiency study revealed that 23% improvement was shown by the workers using our mats, which certainly justifies the installation from and economic standpoint.”
Sincerely yours,
William Schuberth
Director Industrial Relations
Plastic & Rubber Products Co.
"...we put your mats into service and had a negative reaction from two of your employees. A month later when we tried to remove the units from their workstations, it was practically impossible because their legs and feet never felt better! As a result of this, we ordered additional units for all our workstations..."
Paul A. Johnson, Drake Corp.
“I have intended to write for several weeks regarding our installation of your Standers Choice® Health Mats in our plant. The early reaction of our employees was not particularly complimentary or appreciative."
During the second week of use, two female employees volunteered comments, one stating that she felt less tired at the end of the day. Another said that her legs no longer ached as before.
You are to be congratulated for developing this new industrial device. Most of our people have expressed appreciation over our investment in their comfort and welfare. I am glad to have made the purchase."
D.A. Hill, President
Colbert Die Cast Company, Inc.
“I just thought that you’d be interested in Mrs. Pogrund’s response after I removed and hid the mat which you so graciously provided. She DEMANDED its return after one day, thus curtailing my intended observation over a 48-hour period. She had grown quite accustomed and dependent upon the mat as a real preventer of muscle fatigue, which invariably resulted from standing on an otherwise cement slab floor over a prolonged time.
We are both very grateful to you and the company who supplied the new kitchen comfort. Many thanks again.”
Sincerely yours,
Robert S. Pogrund, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Public Health
“I’m a hair and makeup artist who stand 9 hours a day. When you have throbbing feet and pain in your back, it tends to drain some of my enthusiasm! I’m a very energetic person but I have a hard time getting geared up for work when pain from the day before is still there in the morning. Your mat is wonderful – it gives support and cushioning to my feet. It’s very comfortable. You don’t really feel it, but you can sure tell the difference when you step off the mat…”
Cathy Latschar
Lancaster, PA
“My employees and I were always complaining of aching legs. It’s not tough to wear your legs out when you stand at a counter for 8 hours straight. When we were without the mats for a 3 day period, we cried.”
News Agency Owner
Reprinted from the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal
“The mat provides a cushion to alleviate the tension and strain caused by hard surfaces. My employees are much more comfortable and things are psychologically more pleasant and the environment is much nicer.”
Frank Briganti
Pharmacy Department
Los Alamitos Medical Center
“It is rare that I will recommend a specific product or vendor (E&O being what it is). This is an exception. Standers Choice® may well be the only true ergonomic floor mat; one that is backed by extensive lab and field-tests, some aspects of which I personally conducted. The results, both objectively and subjectively derived, strongly favor this mat over conventional designs. It has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Appreciation.
Prolonged standing is pervasive in business and industrial work environments. It is a major source of static muscle stress, fatigue and cumulative trauma to the low back and legs. Standers Choice® is a proven control.”
Bill Montante
Marsh Risk Consulting, Marsh USA, Inc.

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