Q1. What is the lifespan of a typical Standers’ Choice Health Mat?
A. Up to three years under normal conditions.
Q2. Does the Standers’ Choice Health Mat come in custom sizes?
A. Yes. Standers’ Choice Health Mats can be custom molded to your specifications. There are some limitations; the customer would have to discuss their requirements with a mat specialist.
Q3. Are the mats; water resistant?
A. No. Standers’ Choice Health Mats are for dry areas only.
  Grease resistant?
A. Yes. The black diamond plate is grease resistant.
  Corrosive resistant?
A. Yes. The black diamond plate is corrosive resistant.
Q4. How can I stop the mats from moving on the floor?
A. We recommend a light mist of 3M 77 Adhesive spray on the back of the mat.
Q5. How durable is recycled matting as compared to the regular Standers’ Choice Mat?
A. Standers’ Choice recycled mats are extremely durable. It is more durable than most of our other mats. The black diamond plate is a close second.
Q6. What is the average shipping time for a regular (non logo or custom) mat?
A. The average shipping time is 1 - 2 weeks for in stock materials.
Q7. Does Standers’ Choice comply with new OSHA requirements?
A. As of today OSHA has not set standards regulating anti-fatigue mats. Standers’ Choice has been involved with setting ergonomic standards through the American Podiatric Medical Association. It is their determination that Standers’ Choice is ergonomically designed and benefits those with musculoskeletal disorders. If you would like more information regarding this issue refer to OSHA 29CFR 1910-900.
Q8. What is the widest width available?
A. The widest width in most cases is four feet, however, we can special order wider width material at an additional cost to the customer.
Q9. What are the greatest lengths available?
A. The greatest length is thirty feet.
Q10. How do I choose the proper mat for my facility?
A. Refer to the mat placement section on our web site.
Q11. How do I clean my mat?
A. Cleaning your mats is essential to the mats longevity. All mats can be cleaned with a mild detergent however; static dissipative and conductive mats should be cleaned with a special cleaner specifically formulated for maintaining anti-static coatings and static reducing surfaces.
Q12. What causes the yellowing of tile floors after being exposed to mats?
A. Moisture from the ground comes up through the floor until it reaches the floor surface. Many times this moisture will go unnoticed. The mat prevents the moisture from evaporating, thus causing the discoloration. There may also be a chemical reaction between the foam backing and the floor finish. Discoloration can be removed by stripping and re-waxing the area.
Q13. Is there a guarantee for the Standers’ Choice Health Mat?
A. Standers’ Choice gives a 30 day money back guarantee. We proudly stand by our product and do everything possible to satisfy our customers.

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