a Standers Choice ® - The Standers Choice® Health Mat is an anti-fatigue mat that will provide outstanding comfort and relief as the user stands on the ergonomically designed cushioned mat. We are located in Aston, Pennsylvania PA
If your employees are complaining about sore feet, sore legs or aching backs, Standers’ Choice® Health Mats can help! Standers Choice® Health Mats are specifically designed to provide outstanding cushioned comfort and relief from foot and leg disorders for people who spend lots of time standing. The Standers Choice® Mats make tired, aching legs and feet feel better.
Your employees’ aching feet can be hurting your BOTTOM LINE! When standing means your employees are in discomfort or even pain, think about the results: Careless mistakes due to inattention, slower work patterns, reduced output and irritability in dealing with customers or other employees, increased absenteeism and medical insurance claims. The Standers Choice® Health Mat provides an ergonomic flooring surface that may improve the productivity of workers.
Standing on flat surfaces does nothing to stimulate the foot muscle movements that are so important to good blood circulation back to the heart. According to Dr. Charles Brantingham a California podiatrist and inventor of variable terrain flooring, standing on uneven surfaces stimulates more foot and leg muscle activity encouraging blood flow to the heart, compared to considerably less movement and activity in people standing on flat surfaces. It’s the variable terrain design that forms the basis for Standers Choice® Health Mats.
Standers Choice® Health Mats have been awarded the prestigious Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association and is the first flooring product medically verified to increase comfort and help prevent or alleviate foot and leg problems caused by standing.

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