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Colors                                                                               Anti-Static
Indigo Midgray Steel Gray
Café Mocha Wheat Oak
Diamond Plate
Diamond Plate
Silver Gray









Call for pricing and information - 1-800-633-2181

Prices and Sizes                   Click for Conductivity Chart
Standers Choice Mats E.S.D. / Conductive Recycled Vinyl
2’ x 3’ $Call $Call $Call
3’ x 5’ $Call $Call $Call
3’ x 10’ $Call $Call $Call
3’ x 15’ $Call $Call $Call
3’ x 20’ $Call $Call $Call
3' x 25' $Call $Call $Call
3’ x 30’ $Call $Call $Call
Custom Sizes Available Upon Request (Call 1-800-633-2181 for customization or click here).
We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
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*Must check availability of stock for current colors.
Specs / Breakdown of Materials
Variable Terrain Mat Properties
Wear Surface
Material: plasticized polyvinyl chloride
Thickness: 0.065 in. (0.16 cm)
Material: flexible urethane foam
Thickness: nominal 0.50 in. (1.25 cm)
Density: 6 lbs/ft 3 (96 g/l)
Compression set a: 44% of original thickness
Pill Testb: pass
aCompressed to 50% at 158° F for 22 hours
bDOC FF 70
Conductive Versus Static Dissipative Resilient Flooring
If you wish to review further documentation, please contact us.
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